Transfer of a PF account using UAN

The good old days of transferring EPF money, where the government fell before the money we earned, have gone. Things have actually taken a turn, towards a better path. Now you are able to check your EPF (Employee Provident Fund) balance anytime, receive monthly credits and also transfer funds from an old account to a new existing one. All this convenience is only possible due to one single number, the UAN (Universal account Number). One 12 digits unique number is capable of making life simpler, how amazing is that! This UAN is allotted to its members by the EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organization).  This universal number is a major step in giving the EPF services an online platform and making the whole system a more user-friendly one.

Online transfer of PF:

  • Enter the EPFO website and make your UAN based login ID.
  • This will guide you to a UAN login page wherein you will have to enter details like UAN, mobile number and also some details of the employer.
  • Then you will have to make sure whether the account is eligible for an EPFO site. The state to which the employer belongs has to be mentioned there.
  • After filling on the details. Click on the option of ‘Check Eligibility’.
  • If the site is eligible, only then can your register on the EPFO site.
  • Then, a valid photo identity proof, like an Aadhar card or the Pan card, has to be submitted. You will also receive a pin on your mobile for verification purposes.
  • After receiving the confirmation message, you will be guided to the EPFO Member Claims Portal. The document ID and the phone number have to be provided to log in. All the options will be visible after signing in.
  • On the top tabs, will be a request for transfer of account. Click on it.
  • The PF transfer form can now be accessed and filled.
  • After properly filling the form, the information can be previewed to double check.
  • After making sure all the information is correct, the captcha is to be entered. Then click on “I agree”.
  • After the pin is entered, the initiation of claim transfer takes place.

Benefits of UAN:

  • Easier Fund Transfer
  • No need for the employee to be involved
  • Reception of monthly alerts
  • Better pension scheme utility

Gone are those days when an individual spent his entire lifetime working with one employer and even getting retired from the same. With the emergence of so many jobs in the private sector, job changes have become a very common practice.  With job changes, change of the job place is also very common. With the other issues involved with the changing of jobs, the transfer of EPF has become a much simpler process. It is a compulsory contribution.

Earlier transfer of accounts was a tedious process as it involved a lot of paperwork, hectic procedures and formalities. With the UAN, it has become a very simple, hassle free, portable online task.

All thanks to the UAN. Now we can sleep a little bit more peacefully at night, as the development of such schemes makes lives simpler!

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