Top 5 reasons to use a VPN

What is VPN?

Over the Internet, a private network connection which provides a basis to share information promotes remote connections and connects users together is known as Virtual Private Network (VPN).

From Businesses to individuals, everyone can use a VPN. Although technically it appears as a WAN it acts as a firewall, encrypts the browsing data, gives all the benefits of a LAN.

Protocols undertook by VPN:

To transmit all the data over the Internet securely the VPN abide the following rules, which include:

  • Internet Protocol Security (IP Sec) – Assurance and authentication of data between 2 connected users. Acts as an overall layer of security for other protocols as well. It is also known as Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE).
  • Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) – Gives access and makes a direct connection between a remote client and a private server over the Internet. It may use Layer 2 Forwarding or Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol.
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) – Under the umbrella of cryptography, it secures the sensitive data of a user over online shopping portals.



Top 5 reasons why one should invest into a VPN:

  1. Using Public WiFi without any risks:

Often find yourself looking for free WiFi at Airports, Coffee shops, etc? Although aware of the fact that public WiFi isn’t secure, and one’s private data like passwords, credit card numbers, emails is vulnerable on such a network, we cannot stop ourselves from using it. VPN encrypts the browsing data and helps one use public WiFi without any risks and protects one’s online privacy.

  1. With a Right to Privacy- Share content privately:

VPN aids one to claim the Right to Privacy. It provides a safe manner to access exclusive and legal files.

  1. Bypass Censorship:

VPN allows one to bypass a restricted network as all of these go through a proxy and will also keep no logs of one’s internet activity. For example- Logging on to the web browser while at work or in school, certain sites based on their keywords are blocked. These can be accessed with the use of VPN.

  1. Safety from Cyber Criminals

By encrypting the sensitive data used over the internet, VPN’s are proactive in keeping such data private from Hackers or Cyber Criminals. They provide an extra layer of protection to user’s personal data.

  1. Unlocking Streaming while travelling:

With many people love to travel, they face a problem using the internet due to a foreign IP address a lot many places do not give access to the streaming of entertainment or even sports channels. In such cases, VPN’s change this IP address and the user can continue streaming on Netflix like no change in location ever took place!

Businesses have started investing into Intranet, which provides all its employees either under the same roof or distant locations to work under a common network using the Internet as its backbone. Attachment of VPN, in such a network, adds security, assists in extension of resources, with free broadband helps one to explore the world with usual internet facilities.



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