SEO tips to rank a real estate website

With 3,581,612,795 Internet users all over the world, at the very moment, the number of searches made on Google per second is 4,029,892,261. A very close and similar number of searches are made on Bing and Yahoo.

For any company or business, Google ratings do matter. For when an investor or even customers look up for the company’s website over the internet, that is the first impression they get and enhanced rating will lead to a better spot on any search engine.

How to make your website visible amongst hundred others?


A wide variety of tips and tricks are available over the internet, which when made use of can make one’s business website have an improved ranking than others leading to more clicks.
One of these many tricks, the most mysterious and effective one being SEO Tools.

What are SEO Tools?

Search Engine Optimization Tools, abbreviated as SEO. These tools provide its user with effective strategies to improve a brand’s online visibility.

While surfing the net, one might have noticed the search results page divided into two sections. This division is made due to the two types websites for the searched query.
1. Paid Search Results: The top right corner, has colored websites that the advertiser’s pay to gain visibility.

  1. Unpaid or Organic Search Results: The websites that are enlisted from the middle to the end of the search results.


Working benefits of SEO Tools:

      1. Highlights keywords

  1. Links other businesses
  2. Clears irrelevant data
  3. Makes website mobile friendly
  4. Provides search insights and complete website analysis
  5. Shows the owner how the website looks online
  6. Checks for duplicate or plagiarised content.
  7. Evaluates grammatical and spelling errors.
  8. Yields the social ranking and score for one’s website.
  9. Builds a site map and helps view the statistics for any domain.

With over 80% of buyers first surfing the internet for investing in a new house, or office or any property, brokers and realtor’s have now switched to online marketing. When it comes to real estate websites, unlike other websites their activation time is temporary, i.e. the time until a property is up for sale.

Ways by which SEO tools aids Real Estate websites:


  1. Highlights keywords
    Realtor’s should research on the frequently searched keywords, and know about the important keywords searched. To increase sales, one should target such keywords.
  2. Writing Blog Posts along with the Attachment of Media
    By writing client friendly blogs that include the description of the property on sale such as the locality, the price offered, sale period, etc one can attract a number of viewers. Accompanying this with simple, quick to load, high-quality images will enhance the sale.
  3. Clean URL’s
    A crucial step is keeping the website’s URL clean so that a search engine is able to arrange the most important pages first and then rank it.
  4. Incorporating Social Media

Client relations can be enhanced by integrating social media such as Twitter, Pinterest or even Google Plus. With the increase in the number of stunning photos and videos, sales also increase. But one should know how to use these effectively.

A new and delicate business, online Real Estate marketing, gives buyers an insight to the property as well as the background of the dealer. SEO strategy takes time to develop but gives excellent results.

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