Prevention of tooth decay after the occurrence

What is tooth decay?

The tooth comprises of three layers-Enamel (the outer layer) he degradation of the outer surface of the tooth due to lack of proper oral hygiene can be termed as tooth decay. It causes deterioration to the enamel leading to cavity. Tooth enamel is made of a tissue which is dense in nature and is made up of hydroxy-apatite.

Cause of tooth decay

Tooth decay is never a one night problem. It occurs due to demineralization.

A lot of evidence has been found which has shown that a number of reasons are behind the decay of tooth. Usually, there are a lot of microbes which causes this decay. These are caused by bacteria which usually feed on sugar and it produces phytic acid. This phytic acid is responsible for the demineralization of the teeth. Both mineralization and demineralization is an ongoing process that takes place in our body. For the occurrence of the tooth decay, there are certain daily practices which contribute to the decaying of tooth.

These practices can be enlisted in the following way:

1) Improper brushing of the teeth

2) Not visiting dentist clinic for check-up

3) Taking foods which are rich in high sugar content

4) Smoking on a daily basis leads to decay due to presence of decay

5) Lack of fluoride is a disadvantage as fluoride is responsible to give tooth a resistance to the acids produced by plague.

Effect of phytic acid on tooth decay

Phytic acid is present in grains like oats, nuts and various type of beans. It is a molecule formed of phosphorous and human body is unable to absorb it. So, it causes cavity in tooth.


It is the process by which the tooth, a form of bone is able to heal them. There is a layer of specialized cells in the center of the tooth which can help in regeneration of the dentin. It lies beneath the enamel of the tooth. re-mineralization can be done by using a home-made Ayurvedic process.

The process is simple and it consists of the following steps:

1) At first, we will take fresh coconut oil along with clove oil.

2)A mixture will be formed with the help of coconut oil and clove oil and supplemented with Vitamin D,Calcium and fluoride.

3)This paste can be used for re-mineralization of the tooth.

A recent study carried out showed that oatmeal accompanied with Vitamin D leads to formation of cavities.This is due to the presence of phytic acid in the oatmeal.When another study was carried out by diet excluding oats and including normal diet with addition of Vitamin D,a good recovery was observed.So,including Vitamin D in diet can help in prevention from further tooth decay.

Other Measures to be taken for prevention

1)The use toothpastes which consist of fluoride will be helpful to prevent formation of cavities in teeth.

2)Brushing the teeth after each meal so that risk of plague formation ceases.

3)Taking diet which will consist of each and every type of minerals.

4)Going for dental checkup at least once in two months for the cleaning of the teeth by professional methods.

5)Filling is also one important method which has been in use for a long time.

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