How to recover my lost UAN number?

After slogging oneself for 60 long years, a person eagerly awaits his/her Retirement. The life after work, which every individual looks forward to, while some relax and de-stress whereas others invest time in their hobbies and interests!
But it isn’t all that easy as it seems. A retirement also requires adequate planning and arrangement while one is still working.

The infamous Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF) constitutes a small amount deducted from an individual’s salary, every month for the entire duration that the individual is working. Established by the Central Government, it is a scheme which withdraws a nominal amount of 12% from a person’s salary free of tax deductions, for future investments either for Retirement or any kind of situation involving an economical crunch.

What is UAN?

A 12 digit unique Universal Account Number (UAN) has been launched by the government for a person to know exactly how much amount has been credited to his/her EPF account, or any other details, online.
Once the reason is validated in the case of an emergency or a tragic mishap, the officials release the EPF amount after waiting for a period of 2 months.


Benefits of UAN:

  • Letting go of people’s foremost worry, on changing one’s job, a person can gather all PF account under a single one.
  • UAN doesn’t let its users bother about all previous PF accounts, and also aids one in transferring one PF account into another.
  • Although mandatory for a person to possess a UAN before withdrawing from the EPF, nonetheless the user can withdraw money from their PF account without the Employer’s due permission provided there is an Adhaar Card is linked to the account.
  • Knowing the current balance, or downloading the passbook, or even having knowledge of monthly contributions made to the EPF account, all of these can be done under the umbrella of UAN that too online.



A convenient process, one can simply recover their UAN number through the UAN portal.

  1. Browsing through the EPFO website one should look for the web page which redirects to the UAN Helpdesk.
  2. By giving necessary details such as – Mobile Number and Password you are registered as a member. Your Name, Mobile Number, Date of Birth and PF number as recorded in EPFO and in your Salary slip are sufficient to for going in for a UAN number search.
  3. You’ll have to visit the e-Sewa portal and click on Know your Status link, highlighted on the left -hand corner of the page.
  4. Entering your PF account details and after their verification, you will be redirected to a page.
  5. This page will give you your recovered 12 digits UAN number!


On receiving a pension, a family is elated! This pension is stored for a person, in his/her EPF account which can be accessed through the UAN. There are however cases wherein a person may lose or forget his/her UAN. It can always be recovered by simple and convenient measures provided by the Government Of India.

10 ways to cure Tooth Decay

When a person smiles, a rush of endorphins reduces stress. Not just that..

A smile is the most attractive and warm greeting, which is likely to draw more people.
Hiding behind that smile are your teeth which also count as a crucial part of making you look pleasing to the eye and drawing attention towards you. Healthy, attractive teeth are the key to gain success and confidence!

Regardless of the fact in today’s fast pacing world, a person hardly pays attention to his teeth thus resulting in poor oral hygiene. With over 80% people all over the world suffering from bad dental hygiene, some lose their teeth prematurely whereas others suffer from cavities.

What is Tooth Decay?

In terms of odontology, a number of bacteria are present which release harmful acids inside our mouth. These acids eat away the tooth itself, resulting in a condition called Tooth Decay.
Although undetectable in its initial stages, Causes of Tooth Decay include – Improper nutrition, the presence of excess sugar in the food, irregular brushing and flossing of teeth or even indulgence in acidic foods and drinks are external causes.
Internal causes will include whether a person is suffering from Diabetes, is a heavy smoker, has genes of tooth decay or even has a dry mouth, is vulnerable to tooth decay.

10 ways of Curing Tooth Decay:

1. Omitting Sugar: With the ability to decalcify teeth, sugar provides nourishment to the bacteria which               releases the acid and decomposes teeth.

  1. Knockout Phytic Acid: A common ingredient in nuts, grains, seeds and beans, Phytic acid makes Phosphorous unabsorbable leading to inhibition of enzymes and blocking of minerals.
  2. Keeping a Healthy Diet: An increased consumption of raw dairy and nutrient-rich foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables decrease the probability of plaque formation.
  3. Give a shot at Oil Pulling: An age-old oral detoxification procedure, which incorporates swirling the mouth with coconut oil for 20 minutes, rinsing with warm water followed by regular brushing of teeth.
  4. Try Mineralizing Toothpaste: One can remineralize his/her teeth by investing into a fluoride-free toothpaste.
  5. Application of Clove Oil: Possessing anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antibacterial properties, a small amount of clove oil mixed with few drops of sesame oil, prevents the spreading of a cavity.
  6. Rubbing Salt: Rinsing the mouth with 1 teaspoon of salt mixed in warm water, will prevent the growth of bacteria as well as ease out any other pain present in the teeth. This is due to the fact that Salt consists of antiseptic and antibacterial properties.
  7. Applying Garlic Paste: Well-known for relieving one from all dental problems due to the presence of antibiotic and antibacterial properties, apply Garlic Paste daily on the infected area.
  8. Dusting Turmeric Powder: Applying it for 10 mins and then rinsing with warm water provides respite from cavity pain.
  9. Consuming Amla: Having an Amla daily promotes healthy teeth and fights oral infection.

The bottom line being, after seeing shocking statistics, it is disclosed that steadily Tooth Decay has become the second most detrimental public health problem. Just a few precautions here and there, adapting to good habits, and we’re ready with a gorgeous set of teeth! Say Cheese!





Top 5 reasons to use a VPN

What is VPN?

Over the Internet, a private network connection which provides a basis to share information promotes remote connections and connects users together is known as Virtual Private Network (VPN).

From Businesses to individuals, everyone can use a VPN. Although technically it appears as a WAN it acts as a firewall, encrypts the browsing data, gives all the benefits of a LAN.

Protocols undertook by VPN:

To transmit all the data over the Internet securely the VPN abide the following rules, which include:

  • Internet Protocol Security (IP Sec) – Assurance and authentication of data between 2 connected users. Acts as an overall layer of security for other protocols as well. It is also known as Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE).
  • Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) – Gives access and makes a direct connection between a remote client and a private server over the Internet. It may use Layer 2 Forwarding or Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol.
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) – Under the umbrella of cryptography, it secures the sensitive data of a user over online shopping portals.



Top 5 reasons why one should invest into a VPN:

  1. Using Public WiFi without any risks:

Often find yourself looking for free WiFi at Airports, Coffee shops, etc? Although aware of the fact that public WiFi isn’t secure, and one’s private data like passwords, credit card numbers, emails is vulnerable on such a network, we cannot stop ourselves from using it. VPN encrypts the browsing data and helps one use public WiFi without any risks and protects one’s online privacy.

  1. With a Right to Privacy- Share content privately:

VPN aids one to claim the Right to Privacy. It provides a safe manner to access exclusive and legal files.

  1. Bypass Censorship:

VPN allows one to bypass a restricted network as all of these go through a proxy and will also keep no logs of one’s internet activity. For example- Logging on to the web browser while at work or in school, certain sites based on their keywords are blocked. These can be accessed with the use of VPN.

  1. Safety from Cyber Criminals

By encrypting the sensitive data used over the internet, VPN’s are proactive in keeping such data private from Hackers or Cyber Criminals. They provide an extra layer of protection to user’s personal data.

  1. Unlocking Streaming while travelling:

With many people love to travel, they face a problem using the internet due to a foreign IP address a lot many places do not give access to the streaming of entertainment or even sports channels. In such cases, VPN’s change this IP address and the user can continue streaming on Netflix like no change in location ever took place!

Businesses have started investing into Intranet, which provides all its employees either under the same roof or distant locations to work under a common network using the Internet as its backbone. Attachment of VPN, in such a network, adds security, assists in extension of resources, with free broadband helps one to explore the world with usual internet facilities.



Is income tax recoverable?

The amount a company expects to get back from the state or the federal government as a result of the postponed tax losses or credits. Each company needs to report the revenue amount, or the income made in the tax year, this amount of money needn’t be same as the one in the accounting records. The business can make a decision to defer the tax benefits till they think it’s beneficial.

The unused tax credits and losses of a business can be put to use only at the time when the company has enough taxable amount of income for the future. In the same way, businesses can only carry certain tax assets forward while the tax year and is also subject to review by the tax authorities. Recoverable income taxes are in cash as it’s the amount recoverable from the government. It’s rare to find the recoverable income taxes a part of company’s assets or the balance sheet of the business.

In respect to the following, the recoverable income taxes are in the future:

1)      The deductible difference, which is temporary.

2)      The unused tax losses carried forward.

3)      The unused tax credits carried forward.

The recoverable income taxes present the effect of the  tax in depreciation and equity funds allowance, the ones used during construction.

Procedure for recovery of tax:

1)      The issue of notice: When information is drawn to the Officer for the purpose of recovery, the officer is required to send a notice (certificate) to the defaulter.

2)      Execution of Certificate: No execution occurs before a period of 15 days is over since the issue of the notice.

3)      Recovery mode: If the amount is not recovered within 15 days, the officer shall recover the money by one of the following ways:

·         Selling the defaulter’s movable property

·         Selling the defaulter’s immovable property

·         Arresting the defaulter subjecting him to prison

·         Appointing someone to manage the defaulter’s property

4)      Investigation by the officer:  The tax recovery officer can investigate any claims or objections to the property of the defaulter which is withheld.

5)      Attachment removal: Once the certificate is canceled or the amount with all the charges and the costs is paid to the officer, the attachment can be withdrawn.

6)      Selling and attachment: The selling and attachment of the defaulter’s movable and immovable property may be handled only by the people directed by the Tax recovery officer.

7)      Stoppage of the sale: The officer may stop any sale in his discretion by stating his reasons for adjournment.

8)      Bidding prohibition: No person or officer on duty in relation to the sale cannot directly or even indirectly attempt to show any interest in the property being sold.

9)      Police assistance: The officer in charge of attachment and selling of property may request for assistance from the in-charge officer of the nearest police station.

10)  Entrustment of functions:  The tax recovery officer with the previous approval of the Commissioner can entrust his functions to any other person or a person even from a lower rank than him.

Being aware of everything related to the income tax is very necessary. So, be a responsible citizen and pay your taxes on time!

SEO tips to rank a real estate website

With 3,581,612,795 Internet users all over the world, at the very moment, the number of searches made on Google per second is 4,029,892,261. A very close and similar number of searches are made on Bing and Yahoo.

For any company or business, Google ratings do matter. For when an investor or even customers look up for the company’s website over the internet, that is the first impression they get and enhanced rating will lead to a better spot on any search engine.

How to make your website visible amongst hundred others?


A wide variety of tips and tricks are available over the internet, which when made use of can make one’s business website have an improved ranking than others leading to more clicks.
One of these many tricks, the most mysterious and effective one being SEO Tools.

What are SEO Tools?

Search Engine Optimization Tools, abbreviated as SEO. These tools provide its user with effective strategies to improve a brand’s online visibility.

While surfing the net, one might have noticed the search results page divided into two sections. This division is made due to the two types websites for the searched query.
1. Paid Search Results: The top right corner, has colored websites that the advertiser’s pay to gain visibility.

  1. Unpaid or Organic Search Results: The websites that are enlisted from the middle to the end of the search results.


Working benefits of SEO Tools:

      1. Highlights keywords

  1. Links other businesses
  2. Clears irrelevant data
  3. Makes website mobile friendly
  4. Provides search insights and complete website analysis
  5. Shows the owner how the website looks online
  6. Checks for duplicate or plagiarised content.
  7. Evaluates grammatical and spelling errors.
  8. Yields the social ranking and score for one’s website.
  9. Builds a site map and helps view the statistics for any domain.

With over 80% of buyers first surfing the internet for investing in a new house, or office or any property, brokers and realtor’s have now switched to online marketing. When it comes to real estate websites, unlike other websites their activation time is temporary, i.e. the time until a property is up for sale.

Ways by which SEO tools aids Real Estate websites:


  1. Highlights keywords
    Realtor’s should research on the frequently searched keywords, and know about the important keywords searched. To increase sales, one should target such keywords.
  2. Writing Blog Posts along with the Attachment of Media
    By writing client friendly blogs that include the description of the property on sale such as the locality, the price offered, sale period, etc one can attract a number of viewers. Accompanying this with simple, quick to load, high-quality images will enhance the sale.
  3. Clean URL’s
    A crucial step is keeping the website’s URL clean so that a search engine is able to arrange the most important pages first and then rank it.
  4. Incorporating Social Media

Client relations can be enhanced by integrating social media such as Twitter, Pinterest or even Google Plus. With the increase in the number of stunning photos and videos, sales also increase. But one should know how to use these effectively.

A new and delicate business, online Real Estate marketing, gives buyers an insight to the property as well as the background of the dealer. SEO strategy takes time to develop but gives excellent results.

Download latest GB WhatsApp APK

With a variety of modifications available for WhatsApp, the latest version of GB WhatsApp which was recently released is authentic, ban proof and a genuine app for its users. This can be simply installed on your device to experience some extra cool features of WhatsApp such as hiding your last seen from specific contacts or hiding online status. GB WhatsApp is one of the ways through which the user can operate dual WhatsApp account with the help of single device without rooting the device. GB WhatsApp works on almost all the android OS available in the market. GB WhatsApp is the most reliable option available for the moded WhatsApp users in the WhatsApp market.

Latest Version of GB WhatsApp:

Updated on Dec 12, 2016, this version WhatsApp GB v5.20 includes a variety of exciting features which conveniently enjoyed by the user. Being bug and lag free.

Some of the most awaited features and cool tricks present in the new version are as follows:

  1. No copy of data while the user is copying multiple data from a single chat.
  1. Update status up to 250 characters instead of 139.
  1. The choice to alter the shade of “ONLINE” word.
  1. Links can be sent to join WhatsApp group publicly.

Downloading the latest version:

GB WhatsApp can be downloaded from many different links available over the internet or even simply through Google Play Store. Being one of the most popular and having a user-friendly interface, it is till date the most downloaded modified software. GB WhatsApp is also available for the IOS and Windows users.


Post downloading the app, an individual should undertake the following steps to proceed further:

Step 1: Verifying one’s 10-digit mobile number by entering it in the space provided.

Step 2: Continuing, now the user can restore your previous important chats if there were any or simply skip this step by selecting skip option.

Step 3: The user is now supposed to enter a suitable profile picture and add his/her name.

Step 4: On continuing, after a pause while the app is being loaded, the user just has to select “AGREE&CONTINUE”.

Attractive Features of GB WhatsApp:

  1. Alteration of the program icon and notification bar has been made possible.
  1. Customization of the themes can take place as per the wish of the user.
  1. Send up to 90 images in one click rather than 10.
  1. The choice of altering the color of the “typing…” keyword.
  1. About 100+ languages are supported.


  1. IT’S not necessary that the device must be rooted.
  1. All android OS are supported.
  1. GB WhatsApp can be used simultaneously with original WhatsApp APK without any issues.
  1. GB WhatsApp is legal to be used by the users.

GB WhatsApp being the most popular and lag free modified version of WhatsApp is in high demand and is also available on a numerous number of Websites and Pages. Gb WhatsApp does not affect the working of the original WhatsApp APK on the same device. IT’s always backup with certain OTA updates and developments in its code and software.




What is PPF account?

Amongst the various schemes introduced by the government, one may be entirely puzzled figuring out which scheme has been designed for which kind of benefit. Hence asking an individual hailing from a non-commerce background and a newbie to this industry about his/her PPF account, will a very complicated question for him/her. Not only is this but many other monetary issues possibly ambiguous to a major portion of the population who belong to a non-commerce background.


What is PPF?

Abbreviated from Public Provident Fund, and established by the National Savings Institute under the Ministry of Finance in the year 1968, is the most tax-efficient and tax-free savings program in India.

To gain profits on one’s savings, people deposit sound amount of their income to a PPF account. Guaranteed by the Central Government depositions made in these accounts are non-taxable.
Depositions made to the account are obeyed as per the financial year, i.e. April 1st to March 31st rather than the calendar year. According to the to latest, financial budget, the interest rate provided to its clients was 8.1%.


Highlights of a PPF account:

  • Duration – With regular renewal’s one can deposit into a PPF account up to 15 years.
  • Interest Rate – Every budget announces the rate of interest provided to the PPF account holders. Also, no tax is deducted from the interest earned.
  • Opening an Account – By paying a nominal amount of Rs.100 by either cash/cheque an account can be opened. Accounts can also be opened for minors, which with regular renewals will turn into a major’s account.
  • Withdrawals – Annually money can be withdrawn from the PPF account, once an individual has successfully made depositions up to 7 years.
  • Loan Facility – Between the 3rd and 6th financial year, a loan can be leased to the account holder on the amount he/she has deposited.
  • Risks – Guaranteed by the Central Government, it is a very safe investment and has the money cannot be attached to any court decree order.


Eligibility for opening a PPF account:

A citizen of India, who is 18 years old and above and who doesn’t belong to a Hindu Undivided Family is eligible to open a PPF account. Nonetheless, even Minors can have a PPF account; only if not more than Rs. 1.5 lakhs is deposited in the minor’s as well as the guardian’s account collectively. NRI’s and foreigners absolutely cannot invest in this scheme.


Opening a PPF account:

Arriving at a Post Office or any of the Nationalized Banks, one requires an application form for opening a PPF account along with valid Identity Proofs like Aadhar Card, Passport, Driving license, Bank statements, and an address proof. A person also needs to carry with himself latest passport size photographs and a signed cheque. The person mandatory also requires a nominee and thereafter fill the Nomination form.



One of the safest and most economically profitable schemes, with long-term, tax-free protection a PPF account serves as one of the best schemes to invest in for a relaxed Retirement.

So, have do you have an account yet? If not, hurry, don’t be late and grasp this amazing opportunity!

Cracking SBI exams without coaching

It is the State Bank of India which is one of the largest Indian Multinational banking sectors for the public. It is owned by the Government of India. Every year, an exam is conducted to recruit the employees in SBI from clerk post to probation officers.

SBI PO exam

In India, the present scenario portrays that a large number of youth are aspirants for banking exams. In order to crack the exam, a large number of aspirants work hard by self study or by joining different coaching institutes. However, it is not mandatory to take coaching from coaching institutes. The exam can be cleared if one has a clear idea about the exam pattern.

Levels of the examination:

The SBI exam conducted by the Government of India for recruitment of employees mainly consist of three levels-

1) Prelims

2) Mains

3) Group discussion

4) Interview

Prelims exam for SBI PO exam:

This round follows a question pattern which consists of objective questions for 100 marks. The time allotted for this exam is one hour. There is a cut-off mark set by the controller of examination which one has to secure to qualify this level of examination.

Mains exam for SBI PO exam:

The second level of IBPS exam contains question of 200 marks. The questions are divided into four sections. The four sections include –

  1. i) Reasoning and computer knowledge
  2. ii) English language

iii) Quantitative Aptitude

  1. iv) General Awareness.

GD and Interview: After clearing the mains exam one aspirant will reach the final level. This level is the last one for the recruitment. There is a group discussion and personal interview.

Preparation for the exam:

As the coaching for the SBI is not mandatory at all, so one can prepare at home by gaining knowledge regarding few things. If the following given measures are opted by an aspirant, this will help to crack the National level exam for SBI.

1) Collect few study materials like Comprehensive Guide to IBPS Online at low price. Banking Awareness Books, English Grammar, and Quantitative Aptitude for the Competitive exams.

2) Get knowledge about the whole syllabus for the SBI exam.

3) We all know YouTube is also another platform which can be utilised for learning. A large number of tutorial videos are there which cover the entire syllabus. Go through the videos once in a week.

4) Prepare a study routine and include each topic to each day. This will help to cover the syllabus with ease.

5) A large number of online sites can be found which provides with full length mock tests. Sit for these tests and try to use stopwatch or timer. Try to finish the test within the stipulated time period. Then, evaluate yourself.


For a large section of the society, SBI job seems to be a dream-job that everyone craves for. The reason behind it is the perks provided by the SBI to its employees. The main perk is that it is one of the few Government job sector in India that offers an excellent salary. Another superior advantage of joining SBI includes the security of the job. Moreover, other facilities like the medical benefits, granting loans with concession for housing as well as study loans or vehicles are also available to the employees. Last, but not the least the rate of growth of career in SBI is very high.

Prevention of tooth decay after the occurrence

What is tooth decay?

The tooth comprises of three layers-Enamel (the outer layer) he degradation of the outer surface of the tooth due to lack of proper oral hygiene can be termed as tooth decay. It causes deterioration to the enamel leading to cavity. Tooth enamel is made of a tissue which is dense in nature and is made up of hydroxy-apatite.

Cause of tooth decay

Tooth decay is never a one night problem. It occurs due to demineralization.

A lot of evidence has been found which has shown that a number of reasons are behind the decay of tooth. Usually, there are a lot of microbes which causes this decay. These are caused by bacteria which usually feed on sugar and it produces phytic acid. This phytic acid is responsible for the demineralization of the teeth. Both mineralization and demineralization is an ongoing process that takes place in our body. For the occurrence of the tooth decay, there are certain daily practices which contribute to the decaying of tooth.

These practices can be enlisted in the following way:

1) Improper brushing of the teeth

2) Not visiting dentist clinic for check-up

3) Taking foods which are rich in high sugar content

4) Smoking on a daily basis leads to decay due to presence of decay

5) Lack of fluoride is a disadvantage as fluoride is responsible to give tooth a resistance to the acids produced by plague.

Effect of phytic acid on tooth decay

Phytic acid is present in grains like oats, nuts and various type of beans. It is a molecule formed of phosphorous and human body is unable to absorb it. So, it causes cavity in tooth.


It is the process by which the tooth, a form of bone is able to heal them. There is a layer of specialized cells in the center of the tooth which can help in regeneration of the dentin. It lies beneath the enamel of the tooth. re-mineralization can be done by using a home-made Ayurvedic process.

The process is simple and it consists of the following steps:

1) At first, we will take fresh coconut oil along with clove oil.

2)A mixture will be formed with the help of coconut oil and clove oil and supplemented with Vitamin D,Calcium and fluoride.

3)This paste can be used for re-mineralization of the tooth.

A recent study carried out showed that oatmeal accompanied with Vitamin D leads to formation of cavities.This is due to the presence of phytic acid in the oatmeal.When another study was carried out by diet excluding oats and including normal diet with addition of Vitamin D,a good recovery was observed.So,including Vitamin D in diet can help in prevention from further tooth decay.

Other Measures to be taken for prevention

1)The use toothpastes which consist of fluoride will be helpful to prevent formation of cavities in teeth.

2)Brushing the teeth after each meal so that risk of plague formation ceases.

3)Taking diet which will consist of each and every type of minerals.

4)Going for dental checkup at least once in two months for the cleaning of the teeth by professional methods.

5)Filling is also one important method which has been in use for a long time.

How can I update my UAN account number?

Retirement is something most of us look forward to while earning money, slogging ourselves for hours. Eventually after years and years of hard-work and aging 60 one is introduced to life after work. Finally even workaholics invest time in their hobbies and some De-stress. However planning a retirement is a unique process and should be done with patience and planning while an individual is still working.


Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF):

12% of a person’s basic salary is deducted regularly for deposition towards the Employee’s Provident Fund. A tax-free scheme launched by the government of India which empowers a person to save a sound amount for Retirement or any kind of emergency situation. A compound interest is appended to the combined funds each year as decided by the government in the annual financial budget.

What is UAN and UAN number?

An initiative by the Indian government, a unique 12 digit number is provided to each working individual person to know exactly how much amount has been credited to his/her account, or any other details, referred to as Universal Account Number (UAN). A valid and active Provident Fund account holder can go through all necessary details online itself.
Touching the EPF is not advisable until unless an individual is retiring, getting self -employed or in a worst case scenario – undergoing a terrible mishap. However, after waiting for a period of 2 months the government does release the EPF amount only after the reason is validated.


With such many alluring benefits like, in job transfers keeping the same PF account, linking previous accounts to the current one, withdrawal of money without the employer’s signature, and accessing all these things on an online portal. What if a person faces problems such as – Changed mobile number, forgetting the password, incorrect personal details registered for UAN, problem in the passbook, etc. Here is how one can update there UAN account number.

Update UAN account number:


A very convenient process, one can very suitably get their UAN account updated by accessing through the UAN portal.

  1. Begin with going to the EPFO website and clicking the web page which redirects you to the UAN Helpdesk.
  2. You can register as a member by merely entering your Mobile Number and Password. If you have forgotten your Password, they will redirect to the process to get a new password.
  3. Launched by the government of India, visit e-Sewa portal and click on Know your Status link, highlighted on the left -hand corner of the page.
  4. After filing in of your PF account details and verifying them you will be redirected to a page.
  5. This page will give you your updated UAN account!


In conclusion, whenever a person receives his/her pension amount it is overjoyed as a bonus! It always a welcomed income, provided, it is carefully deposited and duly checked in the very first place by using the UAN number and accessing the EPFO site. Also as a responsible citizen of the country, one should be responsible and deposit regularly into the EPF, ensuring ache din!